What is Quality Assurance?

What is Quality Assurance? Quality Assurance (QA) is a process by which products and services are evaluated against pre-defined, objective criteria to determine whether or not they are fit for release into the wild – which in this case means: use and abuse, consumption, enjoyment, etc. by the public. When employed most effectively, Quality Assurance is a vehicle to facilitate the creation of first-class goods and services, produce them more quickly, and at lower cost.

What is QA?
Quality Assurance is testing and measuring.
Quality Assurance is analyzing and reporting.
Quality Assurance is continuous learning and improving.
Quality Assurance is writing tests, establishing standards, and holding true to them.

What is Quality Assurance? That, in a nutshell, is it! Quality Assurance when executed properly is a set of systems, methods, and processes, which allow you to spend less time and money creating a superior product or service.

Many people think that Quality Assurance is just testing. Well, you can’t accurately test without requirements. Testing and requirements are closely related. Learn how many software testing problems result from poor requirements (opens in new window) and how automatically generating tests directly from requirements helps solve those problems.

People think testing is easy and straightforward and that anyone can do it. Testing most certainly is an integral part of the Quality Assurance Process and to excel you must have a thorough knowledge of the How-To’s of testing.

But testing alone does not create a superior product. Testing alone won’t produce flawless service. To excel, you need to employ real Software Quality Assurance.

QA Professionals who have developed their craft know that Quality Assurance is far more than just testing. Successful Quality Assurance includes Methodologies, Processes, and Procedures. QA protects the integrity of a company’s brand by holding the quality bar as high as possible. By championing the highest standard for a company’s products and services, QA professionals help protect a company from itself while at the same time advocating for the consumer.

Its focus is not on meeting some inherently flawed and utterly impractical deadline.
It is not about advancing some middle manager’s power agenda.
It is not single-mindedly striving to fleece some unsuspecting rube of their hard-earned cash by promising things that really are too-good-to-be-true.

Quality Assurance is about establishing a baseline standard of what is an acceptable product or service and then constantly striving to improve upon it. It is about creating better products and services. It is about improving time and cost factors.

Whether a garage start-up or a mature company applying for ISO 9001 certification (opens in new window), whether you work internally as a video game tester or are an outsourced Quality Assurance Lead, the goal should be the same; ever-increasing quality with lower cost and time-to-market achieved through controlled, replicable, continually improving systems.

With this focus, QA enables a company to create products and services that consumers can have confidence in. Being the most ardent advocate for the consumer, the QA professional constantly works to ensure that the products and services they release meet the most stringent standards. They insist that the standards they set are maintained or surpassed.

By establishing clear Methodologies, adhering to the QA Process, and knowing How to Succeed, the Quality Assurance Professional brings an awesome arsenal to the game. Able to tackle any challenge with utmost focus, fearlessly championing only the highest standards, and persevering through all challenges – these professional are the heart of QA

What is Quality Assurance? The QA Professional - that is Quality Assurance

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