Quality Assurance Forms to Live By (For Free!)

There are many quality assurance forms that you will use in your software testing career. Some are useful, some are tedious, and some are just plain busy work. It is up to you to identify the forms that will increase your efficacy and make you more valuable.

Every software quality assurance form that you employ should have a specific purpose. Each should meet a need and do so in the quickest, simplest way possible.

In an effort to help arm you with some basic resources and get you started, here are some form templates that I have used for years and recommend you become fluent with. These quality assurance forms have served me well over and over from company to company and from job to job.

The key to these forms is that they are the epitome of simplicity. Nothing unnecessary added. As you work with them, modify them so that they are customized for your needs. You may want to delete some areas that you don’t need if this will increase their simplicity for you.

One word of warning: If you are going to delete anything, make sure you have working, complete backup versions first. In your next job, you may need the areas you have deleted. If you have the originals, it should be no problem for you to revert to a fully inclusive version.

These templates you will use every day and every week. They are simple, straightforward, and yet powerful. The Bug Template and Report Template quality assurance forms will enhance your professional profile and enable you to replicate the highest quality work time and time again.

By using a template, you gain the ability to easily replicate your work time and again. The Bug Template gives you a cookie cutter to use for every single bug that you write. When every bug that you enter looks the same, and is of the same high quality, you raise the perception of your professionalism.

By using the Report Template, you ensure that you deliver the same kind of information in the same way every time you send a report. This consistency makes you appear that you really are doing your job as an expert (since you are, you might as well make sure people also think that you are).

Using these quality assurance forms enables you to worry about the important details. You don’t have to spend any energy figuring out what information to deliver, how to present it, or how to format your document each time you write a bug, a report, or a test plan.

Let others reinvent the wheel each time they are asked for information. Let others appear to be inconsistent in their content, format, and delivery. Armed with templates that ensure accurate reproducibility, you will stand out as a real Quality Assurance Professional.

For in-depth bug and report writing and how to get the most out of these templates, get yourself a copy of my book. I explain how to write Bulletproof Bugs and Stellar Reports that will gain you respect and get you noticed.

These forms are presented in .pdf format (use Adobe Reader). They are presented in this format so that you can rest assured that you can safely open and read them. It also gives you an un-alterable original document that you can keep for future reference (in case you decide later that an edit was premature).

You can simply Select All text, Copy, and then Paste into your favorite word processing software. And voila! There you have your own version ready to rock and roll. Please do make sure to use a template that has spell check capability.

Free (priceless) Tip:
The quickest way to lose credibility as a QA Professional is to enter bugs, send reports, and create test plans that have typos – always spell check!!

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If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.
~Colin Powell

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