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I will, whenever possible, supply you with additional resources and references so that you have as much helpful information as you need. If you want to succeed in the software testing field, I want to help you!

For instance, when you are looking for an easy-to-use test case management tool that will get you up and running in no time, check out Innov8n! The Beta signup is open now.

Please remember that companies have different policies and terminologies, but I will always try to give you explanations that are clear and easy to understand. Although I will give you my many years of real-world QA testing insight, no advice can guarantee employment.

What I offer is professional expertise and experience as a QA tester, QA lead, QA manager, QA consultant, and trainer. I teach, test, train, manage, and mentor. Let me help you get what you want!

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Sadly, too many people that want to be testers read (and believe) misleading information. I want to give you access to the truth. That is what so many of the pages on this site are about; Truth about Quality Assurance.

Whether you want to be a game tester, a tester of educational software, a gadget tester, a tester of IT infrastructure, or just a testing mercenary that can test from home or travel the globe, you must have questions. Get your Quality Assurance questions answered here.

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